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This is an advertisement. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the bankruptcy code.





My name is David Perdue and I help real people with real problems.

I help people in Kentucky who are in trouble, people who are at the end of their rope. They have cashed out their retirement plans to pay the credit card company, they have to take a second and third mortgage on their homes, they are working two and sometimes three jobs.

If I can help a mother in Mount Sterling who has been lured into a payday lender who advertizes borrow $200 pay back $203, but who in reality charge over 300 per cent. . .

If I can help a young person in Jackson who was baited into a credit card at a LOW INTRODUCTORY RATE, but after 90 days it jumped to 36%, plus late fees, plus over the limit fees (and the reason it is over the limit is because of the late fees). . .

If I can help a family in Flemingsburg that has been swamped with medical bills even though they thought they had good health insurance. . .

If I can help a family in Richmond that was making due until the plant shut down and moved to Mexico. . .

If I can help a family in Lexington that was barely making it until the company decided to fire its employees and use only temporary workers at minimum wage and no benefits. . .

If I can help a family in West Liberty stay together and avoid divorce (because financial problems are one of the leading causes of divorce). . .

If I can help a father in Winchester go to his son’s T ball game instead of a second job delivering pizza. . .

I will do it. I will help them. I will let others sit and talk about the bad economy.

My name is David Perdue. Contact me to set an appointment for a free 30 minute consultation about your financial problems. If you need relief under the United States bankruptcy code, or help drafting wills and other documents, help probating your will so your property goes where you wanted it to go, if you need help with a divorce or other family matters, or defense from abuse by banks, credit card companies, or other creditor, then contact me.

I help represent real people with real issues.


David Perdue, Attorney at Law



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